Friday, May 29, 2009

We're Open

Just a note to our new subscriber's and old friends - we have officially opened the store - Joys of Life Scrapbooking in Mechanicsburg, PA. The store has been busy and active with sales and classes and continues to be a place of great ministry to many. The Lord is leading me down a path I wasn't sure I was ready for, be He is guiding me each day and each step, so I know, whatever it ends up being, no matter how successful, or for how long he allows me to live this part of my dream life, I will continue to offer it all to Him. It has been an enormous blessing since we opened April 1, 2009. He inspires me, He directs me and provides for me, even when it doesn't look like it will make sense. My hope for this blog is to inspire others, share my life, share my ministry, and leave the legacy behind for my family. Anyone can do anything! Just let the Lord direct your step and He will give you the desires of your heart (desires you don't even know you have).

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