Friday, August 21, 2009

Yard Sale Update

We had a huge and overwhelming response to our first yard sale, both from participants and also from you, the shoppers. There was a lot of really great product that was sold over the weekend, quality merchandise, not just old stuff people want to get rid of. The variety of products in the sale met alot of needs from those who came to look for the bargains - both beginners and experienced folks. Also, because there was so much product donated, there was plenty to sell Saturday as well, so those who couldn't make it for the first day still had plenty to choose from.

Thank you so much for everyone who participated in the yard sale - it was successful because of you, and I know everyone was very happy with the amount of money they made. A special thanks to each of you who came to shop, especially all the new people to the store. Hopefully, we will see you again soon. I appreciate everyone getting the word out as well, that helped bring in the crowd.

Many of you have asked and yes, we will be doing another yard sale. It will not be until spring just because of the craziness with the holiday season, but begin thinking about stuff you'd like to bring in and contribute to sell. There will a limited number of spaces available again because of size, but the more product we can get in, the better for all of us at the sale.

In addition to the great sales everyone had, we were able to contribute $40.00 to the local chapter of "Survivors of Suicide - Lancaster Chapter" which I am a part of. In addition, after the sales, many of the participants donated their unsold items to two worthwhile charities: Make A Wish Foundation and also COAR (Comunidad Oscar Arnulfo Romero) orphanage in Zaragosa, El Salvador in memory of Katelyn John, the daughter of one of our customers. The craft items for both locations will be used to work with the children in expressing themselves creatively and in many cases, getting them acclimated to crafting and stamping.

Thanks again for making last weekend a HUGE success!

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