Wednesday, April 28, 2010

National Scrapbook Day is coming...

We are so excited here at the store as we get ready for National Scrapbook Day. We are putting the finishing touches on all the activities planned and we have 24 people joining us for a fun-filled weekend of cropping, eating and spending time together. This is when friendships are built and enriched. I wish everyone could be here with us, but we would for sure need a larger place.

This is from an email I received this morning and it was such a poignant reminder of why scrapbooking is important. I pray that this will touch you as it did me and hope that you can take some time this weekend, or everyone once in a while to do what you love.

"Moments. There are moments in life that define us. Some of them are really big moments...falling in love...the birth of a child...graduating from school. These moments we know are big moments when they occur.

But there are also moments that seem little at the time...but turn out to be a big defining moment...we just didn't know it yet.

But all the moments of our lives...and the memories of those moments...are like boats floating in the water. Some are rowboats, some cruise ships, but most of them will float away off course unless they are anchored.

So how do we "anchor" those memories so they don't float away into the recesses of our mind? Scrapbooking, of course!

This Saturday is National Scrapbook Day. Every year at this time I take it as my duty to remind people to "anchor" their memories through scrapbooking. And every year at this time I also take it as my duty to remind everyone that there are lots of ways to scrapbook. Not everyone scrapbooks in the same way and however you choose to preserve your memories is what is right for you. What's important is that you do it! :-)

Oh, and take pictures. LOTS of pictures. Because you never know which of those little moments ends up being a big moment and you want to make sure you recorded it!

I hope you spend part of your Saturday making some new memories (and anchoring them) or reliving some old ones by scrapbooking them. And whatever your scrapbooking supplies needs are for those memories, we've got you covered!"

(Thanks Julie for these touching and meaningful words.)