Monday, February 7, 2011

Trying to Get Over the Winter Blues

It's been such a tough time through this winter season. The weather just keeps pummeling us and I know I feel beat down by it. The store has had many slow days as we deal with the weather worries, class cancellations and people just wanting to stay inside. You guys though are all excited for classes which I'm grateful for. The calls and emails help keep my day busy when there are not many people out and about. I guess the one good thing from all the weather is that we have been able to get ahead a little bit with scheduling events and doing samples for upcoming classes. As I have taught so many of you, you have to just scrap what makes you feel good that day so that's what I've been doing to try to fight the winter blues.

We've finished working on the classes for February. All the samples are in the store and on the website. We are also working on future classes - this past crop night I finished the Artist Printer Tray we will be doing for Mother's Day in April. Good thing because we already have a bunch of people signed up who were in the store on Saturday. I'll have those photos soon loaded to the website. Attached is a photo of one of the new Bo Bunny Paper Lines that I can't wait to get in!

This weekend has been a great time spent with the grand kids. Now I'm even more excited to begin to scrap some of the those photos soon. So, enjoy the 'snuggle time' you are having with the cold winter weather. And hang in there - it should be over soon. I found this quote I thought was appropriate in light of what we're feeling...

For being the shortest month of the year, February can sure drag on and test our grit. Instead of fighting winter to its bitter end, try embracing the subtle ways nature can sustain you. Take a walk around your yard. Listen for the first birdsong. Turn your face to the warmth of longer sunlit days. Spring is just around the corner.
(Jane McKeon)