Friday, June 25, 2010

Summer Fun Time is Here

I couldn't wait for summer to come this year. I don't know why - maybe it's looking forward to the time with the grandkids, maybe it's more about not liking to be cold muhc, but I couldn't wait.

Spring gave me the "bug" to get out and enjoy the warmer weather but being able to go to Hershey Gardens and other places in the heat has been a joy. I've been to Lake Tobias, Tennessee, Maine, Ocena City. the pictures have been great and I've been so excited I've even scrapped some of them already. We're continuing to do the Mosaic classes every month which are a blast. So far, so good - I'm sticking to my plan of at least one/month for 2010.

I've been doing lots of samples and classes and the store is a buzz! We hope you'll stop in and see us soon.

Don't forget our upcoming Yard sale August 13-14th. See our calendar for more details.

Be a blessing to someone today!